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Meet Our Team

Claire Nolan

Claire Nolan is a marine biologist who lives in a cabin on the edge of Puget Sound. She grew up in Seattle and was always drawn to the water and travel. Being raised in an Irish family, story-telling was a regular part of the day. Her grandfather traveled the seven seas before travel was trendy. His love of the outdoors was infectious and he spent his life inspiring her to learn about nature- with his pet alligators, tarantulas, falcons, horses, tropical fish, dogs, flying squirrels and Homing pigeons. After graduating from College, Claire worked as a scientist at the Environmental Protection Agency. This was a far cry from her vision of swimming with the dolphins and working with Jacques Cousteau. After leaving the EPA, her dreams came true as a Naturalist/Cruise Director on Cruise Ships. She worked in Tahiti, Panama, the Caribbean and Alaska until she moved back to the land and started Directing Tours in North America, South America and Europe. After traveling the world, she decided to start Alki Tours. 25 years later, Alki Tours has first class trips to all seven continents. Along the way, Claire was asked if she wanted to charter Amtrak trains for trips to Leavenworth, Washington. The train trips were so popular that it inspired her to start a second company, Great Train Escapes. Great Train Escapes resurrected high-end daylight rail travel to several destinations in North America including New England- where several of the rail lines had not had passenger rail traffic for over 35 years. She now hosts a weekly travel show, Alki Tour and Travel Talk on AM880 KIXI Radio and has 22,000 listeners that tune in to hear fascinating interviews about destinations world-wide. Both companies have been inundated with Awards, as has she for being one of the most "Influential women in travel". Her personal life is as mysterious as her travels. She claims to live with Don Juan and her bad little dog Chewbaka. She ferociously defends her status as "Favorite Aunt" with her 6 nieces and nephews.

Doug Prior

Doug Prior is a seasoned hospitality executive with broad experience in the hotel, leisure and cruise business. Doug's adventurous spirit has taken him around the world by sea - those adventures include working as a chef on cruise ships in Alaska, Panama, the Caribbean and South Pacific. He managed a staff of 100 at Glacier Bay Lodge and after left the cold of Alaska and worked dodging icebergs on a National Geographic cruise in Antarctica. During breaks from fishing and climbing mountains around the world, Doug retained a business degree from Washington State University. Since then, he has taken on the role of Chief Financial Officer of Alki Tours. He has traveled to over 80 countries world-wide and counting. Doug firmly believes that to see and experience nature is a necessity of a well-lived life. He resides in a secret locale in Seattle with his life long love.

Jayme Miller

Jayme Miller has worked in the travel industry for over a decade, but immediately knew she found a home when she started working for Alki Tours. At Alki Tours, she started as a Cruises Specialist, working in numerous regions around the world. As her responsibilities grew, Jayme now leads the department responsible for scheduling and managing all of our guides,Historians and Step-on-guides in cities world-wide. She is a sports fanatic and could never leave the Seattle area because of her dedication to the Seahawks. She lives in Seattle with her husband and the love of her life - her son, Brenden.

Kody Twualetstiwa

Count Kody Tuwaletstiwa started tour directing with Alki Tours in 1999 on the Leavenworth Snow Train. Since that time he has been all over the world with the company. He enjoys all aspects of the travel industry but is particularly fond of the long lasting relationships he has built with clients over the years. Many of his travel fans have nicknamed him- KODY with a "K". Some of his favorite tours are those that include Sea Cruises. Kody always says while at sea, he is as comfortable in his tuxedo as his favorite jeans. When not on tour, Count Kody, works as an Event, Party and Wedding Planner. Some of his most notable clients include Siegfried & Roy, Bob Mackie, Nobles and Royals. To, Kody, it doesn't matter if he is hosting Alki Tours or planning an elegant Event it is all about providing gracious personal service and he loves his job!

Louis O'Conner

Louis was immersed in world travel from an early age. Growing up as the son of missionaries, he lived in remote locales all over the world. Shortly after graduation, Louis worked as a Tour Manager for Princess Cruise Lines honing his skills as wildlife expert, geologist and historian. He then came to Alki Tours and managed tours to over 40 countries. Growing up in India, and Korea, his background is so diverse he feels at home all over the world. He resides now in Panama with his gorgeous wife.

Diana Phelps

Diana Phelps has worked at Alki Tours for over 8 years as our Reservations Specialist for tours, cruises and rail trips around the world. As the youngest member of our office, we like to say that she was born and raised at Alki Tours. She is always searching for new challenges so she decided to take on 'motherhood'. Baby Dylan, is so charming and smart that we feel certain that one day he will be an Alki Tour Manager. Diana's life is so full of excitement that she lives by this African Proverb... Every morning in Africa, a Gazelle wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning a Lion wakes up. It knows it must outrun the slowest Gazelle or it will starve to death. It doesn't matter whether you are a Lion or a Gazelle... when the sun comes up, you'd better be running."

Percy Piedra

46 years old - Born in Heredia Costa Rica - 4 more brothers and 1 sister father and mother - My first 12 years of education in the public school system - Degree in Tourism Business Adminstration in UNCA San Jose - Graduate I Biology at UNCA San Jose - Nature lover - Volunteer activities Leader - 22 year guiding experience.

Susan Anda

Lights, Camera, Susan....Susan has such a breadth of knowledge of the Travel, Entertainment and Event industry it's hard to know where to begin. After graduating with a Business/Marketing degree from Central Washington University, Susan lit up the air stream as a popular LA Disc Jockey. She decided she needed to "rest her voice" and move back to Seattle and work in Advertising for Elgin Sieferd. From there, she Managed the Cruise Staff and Naturalists at Cruise West and most recently toured the world as the Travel Manager for the show "Saltimbanco" by Cirque Du Soliel. In her spare time, Susan is a Tour Manager for Alki Tours to exotic destinations around the world. Susan's interest in wine, cuisine, politics, history and culture combine to make her one of Alki Tours most legendary guides. A trip with Susan is sure to be fun!

Geoff Ruskin

Geoff was born and raised in New York City. His undergraduate degree is from Cornell University and his Masters is in teaching from the University of Washington. Geoff's love of teaching has been a life-long endeavor. He taught for 30 years in the Seattle School District. He has resided abroad for long periods of time in Scotland, Australia, Thailand, Kenya and France. He loves experiencing the world. He and his wife spend long periods of time volunteering at a school in Kenya. His travel preferences are adventure travel and the great outdoors. He started working for Alki Tours in 2001. His passions include Ski Instructing, hiking, diving, sailing, wine tasting and international cuisine. He resides in Seattle with his lovely wife.

Susan Griffiths

Susan Griffiths is a movie star. During her career she acted as the Lead roll in Marilyn and Me, also featured in Pulp Fiction, Quantum Leap, Time Cop, Dark Skies, Cybill, Growing Pains, Thirty-Something, On Stage America and The Strip, just to name a few. She is the star guide on all of Alki Tours trips through Hollywood. As a "Marilyn Impersonator", you will be sure to have great photo opportunities as well as see the city through "rose-colored" lenses.

Bill Thomas

Bill has written about Congress and the White House for more than 20 years. He has been a reporter for The Baltimore Sun, a columnist for Roll Call and The Hill newspapers and an editor in Washington for the London-based Economist Group. Since 2003, Bill has been a travel writer for The Washington Post Magazine. His articles have also appeared in Vanity Fair, The New York Times Magazine, National Geographic and many other publications. Recent reporting assignments have taken him to Russia, South Africa, Iran and Egypt. But it's his hometown, the Nation's Capital, Bill knows best. "Washington tells the story of the United States compressed into the history of a single city," he says. "For me, it's a privilege to experience with visitors of every age the places where that history happened - and continues to happen." Bill is the author of several books, including two about Washington: Club Fed: Power, Money, Sex and Violence on Capitol Hill (Scribners), praised by The Washington Post as "timely ...entertaining ... required reading"; and Capital Confidential (Pocket Books), which helped to inspire the Off-Broadway musical The Prez. He's been interviewed by dozens of news networks, among them CNN, PBS, Fox News, and C-SPAN. and has appeared on The O'Reilly Factor and Entertainment Tonight.

Brian Massie

Brian fancies himself the consummate champagne aficionado. He prides himself on pouring hundreds of glasses of Champagne at the same time, never spilling a drop. Charming, debonair and a fabulous dancer, cruising with Brian is always a dream. As a manager at Princess Cruise Lines, Brian has spent years sailing the seven seas. You would think after all of the endless cruise ship buffets, he would have to spend the rest of his time at Weight Watchers. That's not necessary since his hobbies include running marathons, hiking, fishing and chasing "hard-to-get women" :)

Lisa Valdez Bonnie (pictured on right)

Native New Mexican traces her ancestry to the mid-1700s. Her great great grandfather was killed in 1844 by the Piute upon his return from California on the Spanish Trail. For over a decade, Lisa has been a professional guide and lecturer for Historic Walks of Santa Fe focusing on the history, cultures, language and religion (early 16th century) of New Mexico and is chosen by Historic Walks to conduct special presentations for corporate & private groups. Lisa is a museum docent for the Palace of Governors and Museum of Spanish Colonial Arts. Fluent in Spanish (her first language), she leads tours for Spanish-speaking groups and is a member of the Old Spanish Trail Association.

Eric Yuan

As a National Guide of China for more than 20 years, Eric has seen a great deal of change in his country. As an excellent student from a rural and agricultural area of China, Eric was sponsored by the PRC to study Tourism at University. Eric's gentle manner and depth of knowledge of Chinese history and culture, make him the perfect guide for Alki Tours.

Sheri Rosenberg

Sheri began tour directing with Alki Tours in 2007. Her experience includes extensive travel in all 50 United States including tour directing several summers in the interior of Alaska. She has traveled throughout Europe, Scandinavia, and Great Britain as well as Canada, Costa Rica and the Marshall Islands. When not traveling, she enjoys doing local tours of the Seattle area for Convention visitors. Whether it's a one day tour or 9 days in Costa Rica, she especially enjoys helping Alki Tours and Great Train Escapes guests make the most of each tour experience.

Bolivar Sanchez

A true native Galapagos Naturalist, guide Bolivar Sanchez is an expert in Earth science. He developed a strong interest in wildlife and the outdoors as a small boy, and has been learning as much as possible ever since. For the past 18 years he has worked as a certified naturalist and Galapagos travel guide in Galapagos National Park, sharing his knowledge of the flora and fauna with guests of his beautiful homeland. His great personality and wonderful sense of humor make him a joy to travel with. Boli's other interests include swimming, snorkeling, kayaking and hiking.

Lmeei Lekashira

Masaai Warrior, guide in Kenya and Tanzania. I am very proud of my culture and my community. My dream is to share my love of Africa with you. After a tour with me, you will know about the wildlife, geology and customs of my country. Africa is alive with beauty and I can't wait to share all of it with my friends.

Nigel Stenning

Nigel has spent the past 19 years exploring the wilds of Kenya and Tanzania, and he has lived and worked in both countries. Before he started guiding safaris in 1997, Nigel was a full time international school teacher who has taught in Africa, Britain and Asia.

He brings with him a contagious passion for Africa's wildlife, history and culture and the ability for those who wish it, a very active safari. Nigel lives in Nairobi with his wife Ruth and his daughters.

Ted Levin

Ted provides our expert commentary on our train trips through New England. Ted is a veteran naturalist and award-winning writer, whose essays have appeared in Audubon, where he's a frequent contributor, Sports Illustrated, National Wildlife, Sierra, National Geographic Traveler, Yankee, OnEarth, Boston Globe Magazine, Newsday, Chicago Sun Times ,The Guardian, Nature Conservancy, Attache, and numerous other print publications. Mr. Levin's writing has been included in numerous anthologies including Harcourt Brace's the Best American Sports Writing 2003 and The Curious Naturalist, National Geographic Books. He is the author of three critically acclaimed books -- Backtracking: The Way of Naturalist, Blood Brook: A Naturalist's Home Ground, and Liquid Land: A Journey Through the Florida Everglades, for which he was awarded the coveted 2004 Burroughs Medal for distinguished nature writing.

Cheryl McDonald Boston Tour Guide

Being a tour director is a second career for me as it is for most of us. I grew up in Boston with a Mom that told us that this was where we were born and where we stay. So even though I always had wanderlust I did as I was told. I became an Insurance Executive, a soccer mom and a Cub Scout Leader. And it was all good. Then one day........I turned 50 and had my midlife crises. I decided that I wanted to do something more fun with my life. So I left insurance, cut my income substantially, convinced my family that I was insane and I have never been happier!! This is the advice I give to my student tours: Find something that you love to do, Learn to do it very well, Get someone to pay you to do it, And you will never work!

Cindy Lou - Memphis

I want to change the whole nature of sightseeing tours," says Patton. "My goal has always been to give visitors and locals alike not simply a traditional tour with stories, dates, and a lot of talk, but a unique and special interactive experience they'll never forget, something that truly brings Memphis to life." Memphis has a compelling local history which has influenced and shaped popular culture to a degree far beyond other cities of comparable size. I believe that the best way to show that is through music, story, and fun. And that's it. Thank you. Thank you very much.

Alejandro Infante and Frank

Alejandro Infante and Frank are just two examples of Alki Tours outstanding guides in Havana. Both have a great sense of humor and deep knowledge of this once forbidden land. Journey to Cuba with Alki Tours and travel with Frank, Ale, Laura and/or Grency and experience the music, history, culture and people of Cuba!

Meir Elia

There are Tour guides and then there are experts. Meir elia is an expert. He guides with a love and passion for his country that is tangible. A trip to the Holy land is always an experience. It is the land where history follows you wherever you go. As a native Israeli he walks this country's trails as did his ancestors, teaching you about people's dreams and hopes. He brings the "flavors" of the land, interweaving heritage with Israel's modern existance, culture and people. Meir will take you through his country and show you the wonders of Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, Galilee and Tel Aviv. His formal education includes, history, religion, geography, geology and anthropology. His trip will give you everything that you ever wanted to know about Israel and more.

Miguel Pearson

What can we say about Miguel...First thing that comes to mind is he is half- Bolivian but looks like a red-headed "Sunny Jim"- the Bolivian coloring lost out to the Pearson side of the family. He was raised in the US and Boliva, which makes him at home with the language and cultures of all Latin- flavored countries. After punctuating his name with degrees in math and finance, he took his talents around the world with tech companies enjoying the dot com era with the likes of Paul Allen and Bill Gates. One day, he searched the web for his dream job. He input, "I like Pina Coladas, getting lost in the rain, I am not into yoga but I am into Champagne...I like showing people the world with the dunes and landscapes- this is the job that I am looking for- let's plan our escape. With the click of a finger, Alki Tours popped up as his perfect match. He is now a Tour Manager roaming the world and "living his dream".

Martin Klimenta

Martin Klimenta hails from the beautiful city of Prague. Martin is one of those rare, talented guides who can go anywhere and somehow (even in the most remote corners of the planet) pull off the perfect tour. His travels frequently take him to China, Mongolia, Russia, the Balkans, Uzbekistan and Georgia. When not guiding expeditions, Martin lives in Prague with his wife and two kids.

Effie Perperi

Effie Perperi holds a degree from the National School of Guides & Tourism in Athens, Greece. In her 11-year career as a licensed guide she has led numerous groups through every part of Greece and its islands. She guides and lectures for a Effievariety of organizations with varying cultural and religious interests, sharing her extensive knowledge of Greek history, architecture and mythology with lots of smiles and a great sense of humor.

Minor Alfaro

Minor Alfaro (far left) was born and raised in Grecia, Costa Rica, where he became a local celebrity at a young age, singing with "mariachis" and guitar trios around the country and on T.V. After participating in a four month exchange program in Canada, he decided that he wanted to study tourism. He graduated from the Castro Carazo College and has been guiding tours throughout Costa Rica for 12 years, a career that provides him with the perfect opportunity to merge his gift for entertaining with his love for his country. His enthusiasm is truly contagious, and he says the best part of his job is the people he meets and the friendships that emerge on his journeys throughout Costa Rica. Minor still lives in Grecia and enjoys a quiet life (when he's home!) with his wife, Amy, and their two children, Christopher and Jessica.

Michael Moore

Michael was born and raised in Ireland and has been traveling from an early age. He has a far-flung family who give him plenty of excuses to travel and see the world. He has lived in Ireland, France, Mexico and the US and loves to experience new cultures. His wanderlust has taken him on many adventures, across the United States by bicycle, skiing in the French Alps, sailing in the Sea of Cortez, exploring Denali National Park and the Copper River valley in Alaska and he's only getting started. Being Irish, Michael has never met a "stranger'. He embraces locals as friends and not only has the "gift for gab" but can sing a song or two in Gaelic which always warms a crowd. He's got a heart of gold, an unquenchable thirst for history, culture and Guinness. When touring with Michael you'll have so much fun you'll want to toss your itinerary in the wind and stay a little longer. There's nothing that makes him happier than watching the transformation that occurs when connecting his people to new adventures. When not traveling, he stays busy exploring the Pacific Northwest and sailing on Puget Sound.

Liz Bell

Born and raised in Buffalo , NY, Liz's passion for travel started at a young age. When she was 8 years old, her parents pinned a flight itinerary to her shirt, and sent her across the country to visit her sister in Omaha, Nebraska. The Flight Attendants were kind enough to make sure she made her connection in Chicago and she arrived knowing travel was exciting.

She had a career as a litigation paralegal after finishing with a pre-law degree, but soon her feet needed to be moving again. She left the legal field, walked into the office of a day boat tour company here in Seattle and was hired on the spot as a narrator / crew member. From there, she joined Princess Cruises, and went on to lead tours of the Canadian Rockies, Eastern Canada, Eastern United States and Alaska.

Bicycle touring has been a passion of Liz's since living in Hawaii back in 1998. From there, she sought out more islands! She bicycled around Ireland from Dublin around the coast to Galway. Then, the next year she set out for New Zealand, this time on her own, and bicycled 2,000 miles in 3 months. She slowed down enough to marry an Irish lad who's favorite past time is sailing.... the seven seas of course. If there were eight seas they would sail those too. Her laugh and smile brighten up the corners of every room, bus, plane, bike, boat and will light up your heart as well. You just can't help but to be inspired.

She puts the "H" in happy travels.

Mica Britt Schmelzer

Like a lucky penny, we found the latest addition to the Alki Tours team. Born in Cougar Washington and named after a rock, Mica morphed into a glistening gem. Her light shines with her passion for the mountains, outdoors and all creatures great and small. She is truer than true, comfortable in her own skin and is the voice on the phone making you laugh with her "back woods" speak. She has a huge work ethic and tremendous desire to "do right" by our clients. If you happen into the office, she is the tiny one that looks like little Cindy Lou from Hooville. If we could bottle her energy and sunny disposition- Alki Tours would be Publicly Traded. Mica lives by the adage, "You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You're on your own, and you know what you know. And you are the one who'll decide where to go." Today was happy, today was fun, tomorrow is another one.

Ragga Kristen

Beautiful, dramatic landscapes might be in Ragga's blood she grew up in Reykjavik Iceland, surrounded by stunning Mountains, Glaciers, Sulpher Hot Springs and Northern Lights. These days she is our favorite Iceland Tour Guide. As a student of Iceland she has done it all. From horseback riding to whale watching- her life has been a grand adventure. As a culinary expert, she prides herself in her ability to cook eggs any style in geysers. Be sure to try her hard boiled eggs while you are there!

Luis Chaves Bonilla

Luis is the "man about town" in Costa Rica. You can tell by the way he holds his phone. He is all business...until it comes to a good joke. Born, raised and educated in Costa Rica, his passion for teaching people about his country is contagious. He will make you tap into your senses. Especially your sense of wonder. He will show you active volcanoes, cloud forests, rain forests and the ocean. With two thirds of the country designated National Park- there is alot to talk about. And he knows it all. From hummingbirds to scarlet macaws to monkeys, sloths and sea turtles....there isn't a subject he doesn't know. We love him and you will too.

Hubert Smeets

This dashingly handsome man is our guide Huber. 64 years young, this Dutch man has been in tourism in Europe for 40 years. Huber is an expert on all things Europe. A history buff, lover of architecture, foodie and beer aficionado- there isn't a whole lot that stumps him. He has Cruise Directed on all of Europe's Rivers and knows every bend. After travelling with Huber you will know a few things...he loves people and is passionate about showing you hidden secrets of Europe. You will love his stories and groan at his jokes and cry when you say goodbye to this lovely man.

Rajendra Gurung

Rajendra is our favorite guide in all of the Himalayas and that is a TALL complement. Nepal has so much to offer. It has the world's highest mountain- Mt. Everest; vibrant and excting cities and was the birth place of Lord Buddha. If your passion is majestic mountains, warm and welcoming people, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, culture and history or birding and photography- look no further. Rajendra is your man. He's a professional government English speaking licensed guide and has lead University Professors and professionals from the states to every region in Nepal for the past two decades. WE LOVE THIS MAN.

Rabindra Gurung

Rabindra was born in the Khumbu Valley of Nepal where he lives with his wife and two young daughters. He has acquired a vast knowledge within the Everest region as well as many other trekking regions of Nepal. Rabindra's resume also includes climbs of many trekking peaks in Nepal such as Island Peak, Mera Peak and Lobuche as well as Mount Everest Base Camp. Rabindra has worked with United States for the past decade and has a genuine understanding of western culture. His warm smile, sense of humor and confidence have made him valuable member of the the Alki Tours and Great Train Escapes community and allows our trekkers to relax and love the experience.

Hilary St. Clair

Hilary St. Clair grew up in the Northwest and from the mountains to the sea...she has always loved the West Coast. She has spent years living all over the United States but the Northwest and of course the Seahawks keep calling her back! Her passion for adventure stemmed from a young age were her summers were spent camping, hiking and taking family road trips - "My dad would spend his yearly vacation with all of us (4 kids, wife and a dog) piled in the car. He was dedicated to covering as much distance and seeing as much as much as possible in a 10 days." After graduating from the University of Washington with degrees in Art History and Communications, Hilary was eager to explore; she spent 5 summers as a Tour Manager guiding groups through the interior of Alaska and the Yukon Territory. She loved Alaska summers so much that she thought she would give the winters a shot as well. After a winter in Dutch Harbor and another in Homer, she set her sights on destinations that were a little warmer. She has backpacked through Central America, cruised the Caribbean and and trekked through South East Asia. She absolutely loves experiencing the local history, culture and cuisine and is always enthusiastic when it comes to guiding and sharing her knowledge. She puts the "L" in you will love this girl.

John Ovesen

Ya sure you betcha John is a Norwegian through and through. He can tell you all about his relatives in the "home land"... and that Sweden is far bigger than Denmark and far flatter than Norway and home to Ikea, Volvo, WikiLeaks and ABBA. He is the "Dancing King" of Alki Tours and proud of it. After graduating from UW- John has spent a lot of time traveling the world and will share the riches of his knowledge about history, architecture, geography and politics. He is an avid skier, great gardener, incredible cook, sports fanatic and can of course "cut up the rug" with his dance moves. Whenever you travel with John, his commentary will expand your mind, take your breath away and show you just how great life can be.

Monika Doroszkiewicz

Monika Doroszkiewicz, is our adorable guide in The Netherlands & Warsaw - Poland. Her star power dates way back as she served as a consultant to the film industry and translator for the media in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Peru, Costa Rica and Mexico! She is fluent in 5 languages and uses her linguistic skills as a tool to know people and understand their culture. Aside from being a great talker- the girl can dance salsa...she makes Gloria Estefan look like she just got her dancing shoes.

Antoinette Matlins

Antoinette Matlins is the author of the "Gemstones" section of the Encyclopedia of Investments. Gemology editor for National Jeweler magazine for a decade, her articles and comments appear in consumer magazines such as Vogue, the Robb Report, Bride's, Business Week, Forbes, US News & World Report, Conde Nast Traveller, Smart Money, and First.

Clancy Devery

"I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list!" says Tour Manager Clancy Devery. Clancy thinks the most rewarding part of traveling is the people you meet. No matter your upbringing or country of origin, he believes he that we can all find common ground, learn from, and enjoy each other. His love of connecting with people and the great outdoors began with his dad, a Behavioral Psychologist who studied everything from dolphins to monkeys - many of those creatures shared a room with him! This upbringing lead him to his next hobby - running away from home. He was such a great runner, he qualified for the Olympic Trials and his National High School record is still undefeated! If you love world history, politics, science, nutrition, art, the outdoors, sports - (the Oregon Ducks), socializing, dancing, drinking wine, drinking beer or just laughing - you will love Clancy. He will love you too by the way. Traveling with Clancy makes life more fun. That's just the way he rolls.

Seri Sedlacek

Seri comes to Alki tours with over 30 years in the wine business. After graduating from the University of Washington with a degree in Speech Communications she headed to Northern California and quickly became immersed in all things wine.

Her career has taken her across the country and much of Europe. She enjoys travel, especially getting to know the local wines and beers of the area, and the incredible local people that create them. She claims her brain is hardwired to think of wine and food pairings that elevate a meal. She is enthusiastic about life, health, fitness and travel and will usually be found with a smile on her face, and a glass of wine in her hand. She resides in Seattle with her incredible, loving husband.

Dwight Hutchison

Dwight loves inspired people, enlightening experiences, and joyously sharing adventures. Backpacking as a teenager, his Bulgarian pen pal hosted him in her radically different world behind the Iron Curtain. After studying in Germany, teaching English in Spain, and communing with whales & bears as a small ship Expedition Leader in Alaska, he flew to Berlin one weekend as the wall came down and was thrilled to chisel a piece off that curtain. A decade of managing guides in Alaska lead to four years managing 50 Gates Foundation traveling technology trainers providing public computer access in small town libraries nationwide. Dwight devoted another decade to managing terminals and creating training programs for Washington State Ferries, and once in Morocco, a copper merchant offered him 40 camels for his 17-year-old sister. He still wishes he'd taken that deal. Dwight is always looking forward to the next adventure, and Alki Tours scratches that itch.

Khin Leang Cambodia

Ladies and Khin Leang. His name is pronounced "King" which is very fitting because we think Khin is on the path to become Cambodia's next Prime Minister. His background is one movies are made of. He was raised with his family in the jungle and then stolen from his home by the Communist Army at age 13 and didn't return home til the end of the civil war at age 18. He then became a Monk for over a decade. During his Monastic years he was formally educated and became fluent in English and an expert in history and politics. After leaving the Monastery he worked with disabled people teaching them how to be self sufficient. He is now an outstandingly teacher and Tour Guide in Cambodia. Listening to him is nothing short of profoundly moving. With Khin, you will explore the Angkor temples, he will bring Khmer history to life and show you secluded spots for an intimate tour of the ruins. Traveling with Khin is a testament to the resilience of the Cambodian people and a chance to be awakened by a very wise man.

Quyet Khac Nguyen

Quyet is an expert on all things Vietnamese. Cruising on the Mekong takes you to towns and villages far from the main towns and cities, giving you a real feeling of insight to local rural life. Some of the villages are stilted or floating and it's incredible to see vibrantly painted wooden houses with whole families, complete with dogs and cats, smiling and waving as you pass. What I love about traveling with Quyet is his love for his country, the sights and people. He has a light and fun approach to travel. Be it talking about an "oxcart ride" as a Vietnamese limo service or calling the restroom "happy houses"- he will make you laugh. He is genuine, friendly and will show you the Vietnam only locals see.

Nguyen Tien Dzung

Known collectively as French Indochina, or more commonly as Indochina, the countries of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos offer a diverse range of attractions from exquisite temples to delicious regional cuisine. Throughout this land, Nguyen will show you a mosaic of indigenous dynasties touched by colonialism. What I love most about this man is his vast knowledge of the culture, history and archaeology. He grew up in Cambodia and has travelled extensively throughout Asia and lectured on numerous expeditions through Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar for more than a decade. He is an enthusiastic and engaging speaker on Asian art, lifestyle, nightlife and gastronomy. He is fabulously fun and a "well heeled" guide in every sense of the word.

Lasse Hjorthen

What can we say about our guide Lasse Hjorthen. He was born and raised in Norway and has worked in the travel industry all of his life. Born on skis, he's traversed the Alps and guided tours to many a mountainous region. He will serve you up a smorgasbord of delights in Scandinavia's heartland. From lutefisk to lufse- you'll get a taste of the cuisine. Lasse will letcha know that Sweden is far bigger than Denmark and far flatter than Norway. His love of his country will expand your mind and show you how great the outdoors can be.

Eve Sapp

It may be hard to believe that someone who looks so young has lived in 8 US states, visited all 50 states and about 30 countries, but Eve Sapp has done all that and more. Originally from the Southeastern United States, Eve has found herself at home all over the world. In the last few years, she has spent long periods of time in Alaska, Greece, Guatemala and the Netherlands. More than just traveling to a place, she enjoys becoming part of the local communities and experiencing everyday life, which she in turn weaves into her tours. She is also currently writing a book which tells cultural and historical stories from around the world through food. When she isn't guiding tours or writing books, Eve likes to cook, kayak, bicycle and play trivia. She speaks Spanish as well as basic Greek and Dutch.

David Barger

David was born and raised in Mississippi. He is a true southerner seeking to offer warm genuine hospitality and great experiences to all he encounters. After finishing his BSBA in Marketing in 2007, he left his full time job as a Special Events Coordinator and started working in Alaska as a Tour Director in 2008. After one season, he was hooked; he went back and finished his MBA in 2009 and has been guiding interior land tours through Alaska and the Yukon Territory during the summer seasons ever since, just completing his 12th season. Helping to facilitate a seamless and positive experience of a person's adventure/journey/vacation is a passion of his. "Traveling and helping people are my life's two great ongoing ambitions."

Outside of touring, he loves to play basketball, hike, ski & snowboard, stare at mountain vistas, play with dogs and volunteer for the Iditarod Sled Dog Race. He also doesn't mind good food & good whiskey.

Greg Santanna

Greg has always had a true passion for travel and the outdoors. Although he was raised in central Pennsylvania and studied music composition in upstate New York, his desire to see more of the world soon brought him to Alaska, which he now considers his adopted home. He has worked there seasonally leading tours through Alaska and Canada since 2008. Greg often uses Alaska's long dark winters as an excuse to travel and has spent much of the last decade exploring and living abroad. His favorite international experiences include a motorcycle trip across Vietnam, a month trekking through the Himalayas, and living in Italy. When he's not leading a tour or traveling, Greg enjoys climbing mountains, cooking, composing music, and learning more about the world

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