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Join Alki Tours on Classic Italy By Rail

October 10-19, 2017
10 days
$4199 per person/do
Single supplement $1099
Includes round-trip airfare

Take part in this immersive experience exploring the best of Italy. For centuries it was the center of civilization, and Italy continues to fascinate with historic cities, majestic vistas, and hill towns frozen in time. Our tour is not only a visual delight, but gives you the chance to savor Tuscan ambiance and cuisine. The art of Renaissance Italy is indeed brilliant and extraordinary, mixing imagery from classical mythology, pagan folklore, and medieval Christian legend, and symbology. The Sibyls - prophetic pagan sorceresses with the tails of snakes hidden under their skirts-were said to have foretold the coming of Christ and thus were incorporated into Christian legendary, taking their place on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel painted by Michelangelo. On this tour you will ride in comfort on the high speed rails, traveling upwards of 200 miles per hour. This comfortable mode of travel will allow you to experience Italy's highlights while only changing hotels once. Travel to Venice in the north, and as far south as the Amalfi Coast. You will have the perfect blend of cities and smaller quaint Italian villages, like Siena. You will stay four nights each in Rome and Montecatini, a resort village in Tuscany located a short distance between Florence and Pisa. This is a complete vacation including admissions to many of the famous sights including the Vatican, Colosseum, the Academia with the statue of David, as well as the preserved ancient city of Pompeii.

NOTE : All tour prices are based on a cash discount. A 4% fee will be added to any tour paid by credit card.

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