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Join Alki Tours on Touch The Himalayas In Nepal And Bhutan In 2018!

April TBA, 2018
10 days
Starting at $7500 per person/do
Land Only


A trip of a life-time has been created by our Nepalese Guide, Rajendra Gurung and Alki Tours to see the highlights of Nepal and Bhutan...and you only need to be in moderate shape! Rajendra Gurung has been trekking for over 20 years and leads Rhode Scholars and doctors from the University of New Mexico, and now Alki Tours! If your dream is to see Mt. Everest Base Camp during climbing season but do not want to spend the 60,000 dollars that the climbers pay and you are not in 'top climbing shape' this trip is the answer to your dreams because we will take you there by helicopter. The regions of Bhutan and Nepal are situated atop the mighty Himalayas, and are near-mythical destinations. These countries are rich in history, culture, religion, arts, and architecture. They are sanctuaries of great mountain vistas, pristine nature, thundering rivers, lakes, and valleys. Travels there offer opportunities for short, day hikes to ancient villages, ridge-top monasteries, traditional arts and craft workshops and colorful markets. You will have opportunity to meet the monks and villagers and try the local cuisines. Please call for a detailed Itinerary!

NOTE : All tour prices are based on a cash discount. A 4% fee will be added to any tour paid by credit card.

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